Dab Rigs


What Are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs are a great way to enjoy the flavor of cannabis concentrates. You can say that dab rigs are one kind of water pipe.

But, there is a huge difference between dab rigs and bongs. Though bongs and dab rigs may look like the same.

Bongs don’t have any nails. But, dab rigs have nails in them. Both of them can help you to filter the smoke through water.

A dab rig is used to puff highly concentrated cannabis. Moreover, a dab rig can be smaller than a bong. However, dab rigs are getting famous for their ability to produce strong-flavored smoke from cannabis concentrates.

Types of Glass Dab Rigs

1) Oil Dab Rigs

It's an 8.5 inch dab rig and its glass has 5 mm thickness. The rig looks great and you can see some colorful leafy designs inside it.

3) Glycerinum Glass Dab Rigs

This is a 7-inch high glass dab rig and it's a colorful rig. The rig has 5 mm thick glass wall. So, it won't break easily.

5) Mushroom Design Dab Rigs

These colorful dab rigs have a height of 8 inches. They have a wide base and they have an attractive design.

7) Conical Glass Dab Rigs

These 7-inch conical glass dab rigs look cute. It never leaks vapor and you get a large amount of smoke from this rig.

2) Hand Hold Dab Rig (small)

This crystal clear glass dab rig has a small height (6 inches). The thickness of its glass wall is 5 mm. You can carry it in your pocket and puff anytime.

4) Classic Dab Rigs

Some people like the old-style heavy glass dab rigs. For those classic dab rigs would be a great choice. It's a 7.5 inch high dab rig with a 5 mm glass wall.

6) Straight Glass Dab Rigs

It's a huge glass dab rig with 9.5 inches of height. Its straight pipe is loved by smokers. Moreover, these rigs have eye-catching designs.

HBK Dab Rigs Applications

Step One: Choose A Great Glass Dab Rig

HBKing manufactures different types of glass dab rigs. You can choose wax rigs or custom dab rigs. Apart from that, you can also choose from their safe and marvelous glass dab rig designs. So, first of all, you have to choose a good glass dab rig for you.

Step Two: Start The Nail Heating Process

A dab rig has a component called – nail. This quartz or glass nail should be heated. But, before heating the nail, you should know – how much heat you need.

Some people like high heat smokes. But, you may not like that. In that case, you can use a low heating process.

Just use a blow torch (propane or butane) to heat the nail. Heat it properly and make it ready.

Step Three: Melt The Extract or Concentrate

Now, you have to put some dab or concentrate or extract on the heated nail. You should use a dab wand to pick some wax or concentrate. Then, put it on the hot nail. The concentrate would melt and it would create vapor.

Step Four: Inhale The Vapor or Smoke

When your dab is melting, you should be ready to puff the smoke. So, inhale the vapor and enjoy its beautiful flavor.

Best Dab Rigs China Supplier

HBKING is the best dab rig manufacturer in China. We are a China glass rigs company and we can supply excellent quality glass dab rigs.

Why Should You Choose HBKING Glass Dab Rigs?

1) Vast Experience

Our employees have more than 9 years of experience. Our team has joined international exhibitions or shows. So, we know all the international standards of dab rigs. We will never disappoint you.

2) Great Designs

Our glass dab rigs have perfect shapes and flawless designs. That’s why these rigs can produce strong flavor and superb vapor. Hence, smokers love us.

3) Supreme Quality Glass

We never use low-quality glass. Our glass dab rigs are made of A-grade glass and they have good thickness. Therefore, our products are durable.

4) Safe Shipping and Perfect Packaging

Our team knows – how to pack safely. HBKING packs and ships all of its products carefully. We ship fast and we respect all of our buyers.


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