Classical Beaker Bongs


The good classical beaker bongs are loved by almost everybody. No matter what kind of a collection you may have, the acrylic bongs and the glass water pipes are a timeless and even functional addition. Below is a description and certain characteristics of the classical beaker bongs that may also serve a multitude of purposes while providing a healthier smoking experience.

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The high-quality bongs that are produced by the leading GLASS BONGS FACTORY are made using high-quality borosilicate glass. This glass variety is resistant to heat and therefore provides for exceptional durability to the bongs that are used for recreational purposes and even other kinds of purposes. The good quality bongs can withstand repeated and long-term use and can be exposed to heat regularly without breaking.


The classical beaker bongs may help you enjoy your favorite herb due to their functional and convenient structure. The design provides for an elevated and pleasing bong experience. The shape of the beaker bong is designed in a way that it can reduce the backsplashes of water.

The beaker base is round and large enough to provide extra stability to the beaker bong. You can therefore keep your glass beaker bongs on the different kinds of surfaces without any hassles. There are a variety of beaker bong variations available today and a leading WATER PIPE COMPANY may offer you high-quality bongs at affordable cost. The five basic components of the structure of the bong include are given below.

BOWL: the wider and bulbous part and region of the bong is called a bowl. This is the region of the bong where the herb is initially inserted and later combusted.

CARB: the short term for “carburetor”. A user can use it for clearing the smoke from the chamber of the bong.

DOWNSTEM: the small tube and region of the THICK BEAKER BONGS through which the smoke reaches to the base from the bowl is called the downstem. The smoke moves from here to get percolated in water.

TUBE: it is the part of the bong that gets filled with the herb’s smoke. Once the smoke reaches here, it is filtered with water.

BASE: the bottom part of the beaker bong may come in many different styles and designs. The base also operates as the water chamber and it is the bong area from where the smoke gets passed and filtered.


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