KP32 small pineapple microscope bongs with sunflower dab rig factory price glass water pipes

Model KP32
Height 8 inch
Thickness 5mm
40pcs/carton 62*49*36

Product Description:

As one of the biggest and trust bongs manufacture and suppliers in china, hbking have 10 years experience blow glass bongs , we also joined many trade shows in usa, like TPE, ASD and CHAMPS shows, our bongs are populars at usa market. We have many big wholesaler at different states in usa, this pineapple microscope small bongs is classical design for dab rig, we sell many sets, we added sunflower and pineapple on the hot sell microscope bongs, make this pipes is kindly for women. you also can buy it as a glass art at your house. if you do wholesaler business, hbking factory hope can become your trust suppliers to give you more amazing designs pipes. we wait for your cooperation inquiry in the future, you also can introduce your friend who do this glass bongs business to cooperate with us, you will become our sales manager in usa.

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