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Company Development


Established as an industry leader, we concentrated on producing customized branded products, deeply understanding and fulfilling customer needs.


Initiated preparations for participation in international tobacco and cannabis exhibitions to expand our market reach.


First Chinese glass water pipe manufacturer at the TPE show, received acclaim, and established a U.S. warehouse, boosting market share and sales.


Focus to expanding into the European market, actively designing and manufacturing products tailored for European consumers, and participated in Germany’s Intertabac exhibition, introducing our products directly to the European market..

Dedicated Customer Teams & Services

Our dedicated customer teams offer personalized, efficient service from initial inquiry to after-sales support, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for every client.

HBking Company

Company Overview

Since our inception in 2013, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and seller of glass water pipes in China, focusing on innovation and diverse design to meet the dynamic global market demands. Combining traditional glassblowing craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, we prioritize product quality and beauty, while heavily investing in R&D to maintain our industry-leading position.

Services Overview

We offer highly customized glass water pipes, attuned to customer needs and market trends, ensuring high quality and secure transportation for each order. Our services encompass professional sales support and effective after-sales service, along with continual product updates and optimizations, aimed at enhancing our partners’ competitive edge in the market.

Latest Glass Pipes

"Advanced and Stylish": Continually introducing superior designs to lead the market.

Fast Product Updates

"Trend-Responsive": Constantly updating our range to meet evolving market demands.

Reliable Delivery

"Secure and Timely": Committing to safe, efficient delivery for every order.

Wholesale Support

Providing tailored support to wholesalers with access to our newest products and competitive pricing.

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Explore our journey since 2013 as a leader in the glass water pipe industry. Our video highlights our dedication to quality and innovation, showcasing our diverse product line and the skilled craftsmanship in our modern factory. Experience our commitment to excellence in every step, from production to global distribution, particularly in the US and European markets.

Inside Our Craftsmanship

Explore the Art of Production and Product Showcase

Step inside HBking’s world of craftsmanship, where our gallery of images brings to life the artistry and precision of our glass water pipe production. Experience the meticulous process from raw materials to finished pieces, showcasing the dedication and skill that define our products

Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

We proudly showcase the faces behind our success, a dedicated team tirelessly serving our esteemed customers. Each contributes uniquely to our journey of excellence.

HBking Sales Supervisor chris

Chris Han

Sales Supervisor
HBking Sales Manager Jason

Jason Wu

Sales Manager
HBking Sales Manager Vicki

Vicki Zhou

Sales Manager
HBking Sales Manager Sophia

Sophia Wang

Sales Manager
HBking Sales Associate Bella

Bella Xiao

Sales Associate

Over 10 Years of Expertise & Knowledge in the Glass Water Pipe Industry

With a decade of experience in the glass water pipe industry, our team brings unparalleled expertise and in-depth knowledge to every aspect of our business. We are committed to delivering innovation and quality, harnessing our rich history to shape the future of our industry. Let us bring this expertise to you.

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