How We Works?

Mold Design

Once an order is confirmed, we categorize the style and design custom molds for each recycler bong component that requires it. Our engineers carefully measure parts and craft precision molds based on product drawings.
Step 1

Glass Preparation

We check inventory to ensure we have enough glass tubes in the required colors and sizes to fulfill orders. Additional tubes are sourced if needed. The glass is cut to length and shaped using techniques like flame bending and sealing.
Step 2

Component Fusing

The parts are arranged and fused together at high heat according to the product structure to create airtight seals.

Step 3

Sealant Application

Additional sealant like industrial grade glass glue is thoroughly applied at all joints to further reinforce air tightness.

Step 4

Filter Installation

Filters are heated to match the bong glass softening point to allow safe, seamless installation and prevent explosions.

Step 5

Supplementary Processing

The glassware undergoes additional steps like kiln reheating, branding, and ion plating to achieve desired transparency and designs.
Step 6

Cleaning and Inspection

Products are washed, dried, polished, and inspected to meet cleanliness standards before packaging.

Step 7

Protective Packaging

The glassware is wrapped in bubble paper or foam and placed in branded gift boxes. Accessories are bagged separately. An outer shipping box provides protection.
Step 8

Products Package


Carton Size: 62 x 49 x 36 cm Package Quantity: Varies according to styles and size Packaging Method: Bubble Wrap

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