Purchasing Information

Navigating Purchase Process: From Order to Delivery

Inquiry and Quote

We will communicate and confirm your requirements within 1 working day of receiving your inquiry.

Order Placement

We will confirm your order within 1 working day of receiving it.

Sample Production

A sample based on your specifications will be made and shipped to you within 3-7 working days.

Customer Approval

You confirm the sample and complete payment within 3-7 working days of receiving it.

Material Preparation

We require 7-10 working days after approval to prepare all materials needed for production.

Mass Production

The production time depends on order quantity, generally 15-25 working days.

Shipment Inspection

Each product is inspected prior to shipment, taking 1-2 days.

Packaging and Shipment

Preparation takes 2-3 days. After shipment, air freight takes 3-7 days to arrive while sea freight takes 14-35 days.

Shipping Details


By sea, by air, DHL, UPS

Warehouse Locations

China and California

Payment Information


Bank Wire, Zelle, ACH

Common Pitfalls

Tips for Smooth Purchasing

Material Identification

Some sellers use inferior borosilicate or soft glass to cut costs. These have poor clarity and heat resistance. Carefully inspect materials to avoid buying these low-quality products.

Always choose bongs made with high quality borosilicate glass or food-grade, BPA-free plastics. Poor quality materials impact performance and pose safety risks.

Design Flaws

Some factories rush production, resulting in non-functioning recycling tubes or other defects like clogs or leaks. Closely review product design before purchase to ensure proper functioning.

Communicate with suppliers to prevent choosing products with flawed designs. Test for issues like thin tubes and loose connections.

Lack of Customer Service

Glass breakage or damage is possible. Select sellers providing replacement products and robust customer service.

Avoiding these three pitfalls will help ensure purchasing a reliable, well-designed recycler bong with a positive user experience.

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