Pre-Sale FAQs

Explore our Pre-Sale FAQs to understand what sets our glass water pipes apart, including our commitment to quality and customization options. This section aims to ensure you’re fully informed before making a purchase.

Absolutely. We guarantee safe shipping with customs clearance. In case of any issues, we offer reshipment or refunds, and we ensure clear communication with our clients before payment.

Yes, as a wholesaler, you will receive prices that are even lower than our standard rates, ensuring your profitability.

We update our styles weekly, with over 15 new styles each month. We welcome your ideas for new styles, aiming to keep our inventory fresh and appealing.

Yes, we provide OEM and ODM services. For orders of over 500 mixed styles, we offer free OEM services; for first orders of over 100 pieces with your own design, we offer free ODM services.

Payments can be made via bank wire, Western Union, or Bank of America with a 30% deposit before shipping and the balance upon delivery at our CA warehouse.

We can dispatch orders within 3-7 days after payment, supported by our US warehouse and a stock of over 300 styles, ensuring speedy delivery.

We do not offer Cash on Delivery as our operations require significant funding for new product production and maintaining our inventory.

We rigorously control our quality inspection processes to ensure every glass water pipe shipped meets the highest standards. Our product inspections include durability tests, crack resistance analysis, and quality assurance to meet international standards.

We have a variety of shipping options including sea ship, air ship, FedEx, and DHL. Delivery times vary: sea shipping takes approximately 30 work days, air shipping about 12 work days, FedEx 5-15 work days, and DHL 12-15 work days. Stock can ship within 1-3 days, while production needs range from 1 week to 3 weeks.

Wholesalers or customers who order over $20,000 can discuss discounts with our sales team.

Post-Sale FAQs

Find answers on after-sales support in our Post-Sale FAQs, including details on our service policies, style updates, and how we manage bulk orders, ensuring your continued satisfaction.

For any broken items, the value can be replaced in a new order, or the amount can be deducted from a new order. We are committed to providing proactive after-sales service and compensation for shipping damages.

Each glass water pipe is wrapped in bubble wrap, and we can provide gift box packaging if customers need it. Our effective packaging (bubble wrap, cartons, pallets) minimizes breakage risks during shipping.

Bulk purchases are encouraged with significant price advantages. We have the capacity to produce between 200-500 pieces of simple beaker and straight styles per day, and 50-100 pieces per day for recycler styles and colorful rod design glass water pipes.

Need More Help?

Our team is always ready to provide you with personalized assistance and detailed information tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re curious about our products or need guidance on your next purchase, we’re here to help you make informed decisions.

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