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HBking Sales Supervisor Chris Han

About The Author

Step into my world—I’m Chris Han, your guide and confidant in the vibrant realm of glass bongs. With over ten years tucked under my belt, I blend tradition with innovation as HBking’s Marketing Manager.


Beyond the charts and strategies, you’ll find me with a book in one hand and a yoga pose in play, embodying the balance I bring to our industry.


Join me as we delve into my journey, shaping the future of glass bongs with passion, precision, and a touch of playfulness.

Basic Information:

  • Name: Chris Han here!
  • Gig: Marketing Manager, stirring things up in Shenzhen, China.
  • Role: A decade deep in the glass bongs scene, I’ve got the lifecycle down to an art – from spark to ash, ensuring every puff is perfect.

Professional Background:

  • Journey: Kicked off in 2013, I’ve been the go-to guy for crafting custom glass bongs that hit just right.
  • Skills: Got a sixth sense for what’s hot in the bong world and how to make it happen, ensuring HBking stays ahead of the smoke curve.

Cool Achievements:

  • Wins: Led my squad to drop some of the hottest glass bong designs between 2020 and 2022.
  • Scene: You’ll find me at the CHAMPS and ASD shows, mixing it up and keeping our finger on the industry’s pulse.

My Take:

  • Industry Vibes: Watched HBking grow from a seedling in 2013 to a towering tree. We’re now getting our hands dirty with high-end gear like electronic glass water pipes and diving into the dry herb vaporizer wave in 2024.
  • Mission: All about innovating with a conscience, pushing the glass bong industry towards a greener, tech-savvier future.

Who I Am:

  • Style: Passionate, challenge-hungry, with a knack for keeping clients smiling.
  • Play: When I’m not shaping the bong world, I’m buried in books or striking a yoga pose, keeping the mind sharp and the body nimble.

Holler at Me:


Let’s make some waves together in the bong galaxy!

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