Cost Analysis

Production Costs

Understanding the Expenses Behind Recycler Bong Production

Glass Tube Procurement Costs

Transparent glass tube price is cheap, colored glass tube cost expensive, milk purple milk powder price is the most expensive, for some foreign color bar casing production of glass tube price is 3-5 times the color material glass tube.

Glass Perc Purchase Cost

Different types of filters have different costs, the same type of different details require different costs, such as armtree filters, 8 fork filters and 12 fork filters have a difference in cost, the same glass tube main body to put different diameters of the cost of the filter will also change.

Main Material Procurement Cost

This mainly includes the main components of Recycler bong, such as glass tube, glass ball, sealing ring, pipe joints and so on. It should be calculated according to the unit price of the selected materials and the quantity of raw materials needed for the product structure.

Accessories Procurement Costs

Such as the mouthpiece, bowl storage, filters and other perishable accessories procurement costs. These accessories may need to be replaced more often, the cost should also be calculated.

Production and Processing Costs

Due to the complex structure of the recycler bong, unlike the straight bong and beaker bong, all the splicing of the return pipe of the recyclecelr bong are spliced together manually after high temperature, and the shape of the return pipe can not be done by machine, it is all by hand to do many times of baking and bending, and then spliced to do the modeling, so the production requires more labor, and the labor cost of production is high.

Gas and Oxygen Costs

All glass products are to be blown with oxygen, recycler bong complex structure of each part of the fire to bake in place to not be easy to crack, the amount of oxygen used in a single product will also be more, the cost of oxygen is expensive!

Production Costs

Analyzing the Expenses of Recycler Bong Manufacturing

Product Packaging Costs

Product packaging form of bubble wrap, a single independent box + bubble wrap, or gift boxes plus eva sponge. The cost of different packaging methods have a big difference, bubble wrap cost the lowest, some of the more soft and yellow bubble wrap cost will be low, box packaging also depends on the hardness of customer requirements and styles of prices also change.

The Transportation Cost of the Product

recycler bong and all bongs are the same, the cost of shipping is divided into domestic freight, customs clearance fees, guarantee the success of customs clearance fees and guarantee the cost of breakage. If the customer does not have the ability to clear customs and collect goods, it is necessary for the supplier to provide door-to-door service, and the unit price of freight per box will be higher.

Storage Cost

All bong products storage costs are divided into China warehouse and overseas warehouse two kinds of costs, if you buy China warehouse products, storage costs are cheaper than overseas warehouse, overseas warehouse access and delivery costs are higher, will affect the purchase price.

Management of After-Sales Costs

Supplier has the ability to bear the compensation after the product breakage will also affect the cost of the product, there is a breakage compensation of the product purchase price will be relatively high. Due to the bong product models, the number of boxes is small, whether the factory has the ability to coordinate the whole order of goods details, to ensure that you can clearly count the goods received, will also affect the cost of the product.

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