Product Care

If you want the things you have to last a long time, here are some tips for keeping everything in good shape

1. Be gentle

When moving or cleaning anything, go slow so it doesn't get broke by accident.

2. Clean regularly

Use the right cleaners meant for what it's made of. Wipe away grime before it gets bad. Avoid scrubbies that could scratch.

3. Store properly

Put things away safely when not using. Make sure it won't fall over or get squished.

4. Use as intended

Follow the instructions for how something should be used. Know what it can and can't do.

5. Check for damage

Look things over once in a while for any wear and tear. Fix little problems before they get big.

6. Protect from chemicals

Keep stuff away from strong cleaners and liquids that could harm it over time.

7. Read manuals

If something has directions, read them for how to care for it properly.

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