Electro Plated cheaper recycler bongs TP12-HBKING FACTORY

7inch bell style dab rig with ion plating colors

Product Specifications
Model Number TP12
Height Options 7 inches
Thickness Variants 5mm
Joint Size Female, 14mm
Bowl Style Male, 14mm
Glass Material High Borosilicate Glass
Perc Type inline perc
Colors and Craftsmanship
Item Colors Clear
Color Techniques Ion Plating
Custom Colors OEM, ODM
Color Application Areas Top Mouth, Neck, Base, Pipe Body
Logo Color Custom According to customer demand
Perc Colors Clear

Elevate your smoking experience with the Electro Plated cheaper recycler bongs TP12 from HBKing. These classical recycled bongs blend functionality with style, featuring an electroplated finish for a modern twist. The TP12 series, a standout in HBKing’s factory lineup, is designed for wholesalers and discerning users alike. Its ion plating technology adds vibrant colours and maintains the functionality essential for top-selling bongs. The unique design of multiple loop tubes in these recycler bongs ensures comprehensive performance, making them a unique choice among glass water pipe factories and wholesalers. The TP12’s recycler system efficiently recycles smoke, offering both functionality and style, redefining the art of smoking.

TP12 recycler bongs Features & Specs:

  • Quality Borosilicate Glass: Renowned for its durability and heat resistance.
  • 8″ Height: Perfectly sized for convenience and ease of use.
  • 4.4 mm Thick Glass: Ensures robustness and longevity.
  • Diamond Glass Design: Offers a unique and stylish appearance.
  • 14 mm Female Joint: Compatible with a variety of bowls and accessories.
  • Ion Plating Glass Colors: Provides vibrant, eye-catching hues.
  • Innovative Recycler Design: Enhances functionality for smoother, cleaner hits.
  • Electro Plated Finish: Adds a distinctive, modern aesthetic.

Electro Plated cheaper recycler bongs TP12

How to Use the TP12 Recycler Bong:

Fill the chamber with water, load your material into the bowl, and ignite for a smooth, flavorful hit. The recycler system efficiently circulates the smoke, providing a sophisticated smoking experience. As a leading Chinese bongs factory, our ion plating process provides up to 10 vibrant colours. Contact our sales team for more information and explore the possibilities.


Products Package Manufacturing and Customization of Products
Carton Size 62*49*36 cm Manufacturer HBking Glass
Package Quantity varies according to styles and size Production Capacity 300 pcs/day
Packaging Method Bubble Wrap OEM/ODM Customization Accept
MOQ 1 carton for China stock, 1 pallet for California stock
Shipping and Payment
Shipping Method By sea and by air, DHL, UPS
Warehouse Address China and California
Payment Method Bank Wire, Zelle, ACH

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