Heavy Bongs – KR414 Hbking Colorful Base Straight Tube Design for Premium Smoking Experience

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Model NO.




height 9inch thickness 5mm
quantity 25pcs/carton
Shipping Ways UPS / EMS / DHL / TNT / FedEx


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Product Description:

KR414 Hbking Colorful Base Straight Tube Design

Premium Smoking Experience

Step up your smoking game with the sturdily built Hbking Heavy Bongs, featuring the exclusive KR414 Straight Tube design. Standing tall at 9 inches, these bongs are a statement in craftsmanship and durability with their 5mm thickness. Each piece is crafted with precision, ensuring a heavy, robust feel and a smoking experience that is as smooth as it is reliable.


  • Size: A commanding height of 9 inches for an impressive presence and deep, satisfying draws.
  • Thickness: The 5mm glass construction provides a heavy-duty feel and lasting durability.
  • Colorful Base: Each bong boasts a vibrant, colorful base, adding a touch of personality and style to your collection.
  • Straight Tube Design: The traditional straight tube bong shape ensures smooth, straightforward hits with no fuss.
  • Quantity per Carton: 25 pieces per carton, perfect for bulk purchases or retail stock.
  • Carton Dimensions: 62x49x36 cm, meticulously packed to ensure the safe arrival of each bong.

The Hbking Heavy Bongs are the epitome of quality and style, ideal for those who appreciate a straightforward, potent smoking experience. Each bong is designed with a colorful, sturdy base that provides stability and adds a unique aesthetic to your smoking ritual. The straight tube design is a classic choice for purists, providing a direct path for smoke and allowing for easy cleaning. These heavy bongs promise to be a robust and lasting addition to your smoking apparatus collection.


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