KR380 Inner Ball Recyler Glass Smoking Water Pipe

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The KR380 Inner Ball Recycler Glass Smoking Water Pipe is a top-quality water pipe that guarantees a smooth and clean smoking experience.

Basic Info:

Model KR380
Height 11 inch
Thickness 4mm
25pcs/carton 62*49*36

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Product Description:

    The KR380 Inner Ball Recycler Glass Smoking Water Pipe is a high-quality and beautifully designed water pipe that delivers smooth and clean hits with its Inner Ball Recycler. It is made from top-quality materials and features an attractive design that makes it a stylish addition to any smoking collection. This water pipe is easy to use, easy to clean, and is sure to provide an enjoyable smoking experience to both seasoned and new smokers alike.

Q: What is the KR380 Inner Ball Recycler Glass Smoking Water Pipe?

    A: The KR380 Inner Ball Recycler is a top-quality water pipe designed for smoking dry herbs or concentrates.

Q: What sets the KR380 apart from other water pipes?

    A: The KR380 features an Inner Ball Recycler design that helps to filter the smoke and deliver smooth, clean hits.

Q: How do you clean the bong?

    A: To clean the bong, you can disassemble the pieces and rinse them with warm water. A deeper clean can be achieved by soaking the parts in isopropyl alcohol and salt.

Q: How do you use the bong?

    A: To use the bong, fill the base with water, pack the bowl with your preferred product, light it up, and inhale through the mouthpiece while slowly raising the bowl, creating a vacuum that pulls the smoke into the water for filtration.

Q: Is it easy to make a bong?

    A: Yes, to make a bong, you can gather materials like a plastic bottle, a downstem, a bowl, and a grommet, then assemble them into your desired design.

Q: Who is KR380 suitable for?

    A: The KR380 Inner Ball Recycler Glass Smoking Water Pipe is suitable for both experienced and new smokers looking for a stylish and reliable smoking device.

    Overall, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced smoker, the KR380 Inner Ball Recycler Glass Smoking Water Pipe is an excellent choice for a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Its unique design, attention to detail, and top-quality construction make this water pipe a must-have for any smoking enthusiast.

Product Video:

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Material Of Glass Tube Quality Control:
    choose the right colorful glass tube that you order. When choosing a glass tube we care about the glass tube diameter, glass tube colors, and the glass tube thickness to match your order details.
    HBking blowers can blow different models of glass water pipes, big-size glass water pipes have machines, recyclers, oil rigs, and colorful glass smoking pipes only by hand blow. More produce steps you can see in these pictures.
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    HbKing Factory Address: Houhou Du Sheng Cangzhou HeBei China
    HbKing American Warehouse: 1150s Milliken Ave, Ontario, CA, 91761
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New Beaker Hookah Thickness Glass Water Pipes with Design Pattern
New Beaker Hookah Thickness Glass Water Pipes with Design Pattern
New Beaker Hookah Thickness Glass Water Pipes with Design Pattern

About Shipping
    For all orders, our warehouse workers have professional packages, package details below picture, products with a bubble film, the standard cartons, and then 16-18 cartons in one pallet.
HBking warehouse has many different shipping ways, by sea or by air for big orders, and for small orders by express.
    1. For orders less than 300kg, we recommend UPS/FedEx/DHL,3-5 days to reach your address.
    2. over 300kg(one pallet), we recommend our guaranteed air shipping door-to-door, 3-7 days to reach your address.
    3. Over 4 pallets, we recommend by sea, for USA big wholesaler customers, We also provide guaranteed sea shipping to your address, door-to-door service, and 15-35 days to reach your address.
New Beaker Hookah Thickness Glass Water Pipes with Design Pattern

    Besides, we join the USA shows and meet our wholesaler customers every year, new styles only for real wholesalers.
New Beaker Hookah Thickness Glass Water Pipes with Design Pattern

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