KR391 Hbking 6.5 Inch Colorful Dab Rig Bongs

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Basic Info:

Model NO.




height 6.5inch thickness 5mm
quantity 30pcs/carton
Shipping Ways UPS / EMS / DHL / TNT / FedEx


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Product Description:

Hbking 6.5 Inch Colorful Dab Rig Bongs

Elevate your dabbing experience with the Hbking 6.5-inch Colorful Dab Rig Bongs, a beautifully crafted piece combining functionality and artistic design. This model KR391 is a tool and a centrepiece with its vibrant colours and intricate glasswork. Each rig is meticulously handcrafted, featuring a compact and ergonomic 6.5-inch height perfect for desktop use, providing an unobtrusive presence with powerful performance.


  • Size: 6.5 inches in height, offering an ideal balance between usability and portability.
  • Thickness: Robust 5mm glass thickness ensures durability and a quality feel.
  • Recycler Design: Engineered to provide a smooth, filtered dabbing experience, the recycler system is both efficient and mesmerizing to watch.
  • Oil Rig Compatibility: Tailored for connoisseurs, this rig is designed to handle oil concentrates, delivering pure and potent hits.
  • Straight Bong Efficiency: The straight bong design ensures a direct and powerful inhalation path, maximizing the impact of your dabs.
  • Pack Quantity: Conveniently packed with 30 pieces per carton, making it ideal for retailers.
  • Carton Dimensions: 62x49x36 cm to ensure secure storage and transport.

Experience the Next Level:

Experience the next level of dabbing with the Hbking 6.5-inch Colorful Dab Rig Bongs, a model crafted for enthusiasts who appreciate the finer subtleties of smoking. The recycler system is a visual treat and cools the vapour for a smoother hit, reducing harshness and increasing flavour. The oil rig functionality is designed to work seamlessly with your favourite concentrates, while the small size of these bongs makes them perfect for personal use or on-the-go sessions.


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