WP11 china factory 3d glow in the dark gourd styles bongs with armtree perc

Basic Info:

Model: WP11
Height: 12 inch
Thickness: 4 mm
25pcs/carton 62*49*36

Product Description:

This wp11 we have sold 8 years, every market have customers choose it, with cheap price and amazing design is popular in market..wp11 with 3d draw pictures, and glow in the dark .Made of high-pressure extra-thick borosilicate glass for durability you will not be disappointed. classical styles give you a excellet experiece to smok . if you want to do new wholesalers bongs business, this wp11 wil be your best choice, you also can contact with us to get more cheaper styles glass water pipes, hbking factory will give your more suggestions accroding to our 10 years bongs business experience.

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