How to Choose a Durable Glass Bongs: A Buyer’s Guide

The ideal smoking experience for bong enthusiasts is, above all, a careful balancing act between usefulness, style, and durability. Something other than an inconvenience, a wrecked or chipped bong might be an inconvenient & costly setback.

A bong addresses an interest in quality and joy for conscientious smokers who consider it more than a smoking gadget. However, not all bongs are equal in terms of durability and strength. Is borosilicate glass bong easy to clean?

So, whether you are a seasoned smoker or a curious novice, it is essential to understand what factors prolong the lifespan of a bong. You’ll be able to make informed decisions and ensure that your bong lasts for many years with the help of the information we are going to provide you.

Understanding Glass Quality in Bongs

What is high glass quality in bongs? The material that you decide for a bong influences its performance, life span, and, generally speaking, smoking experience. What type of glass is best for bongs? The two primary types of glass utilized in the manufacturing of bongs are borosilicate and soft glass. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. But the best one is a borosilicate glass bong.

Types of Glass Used in Bongs

Borosilicate Glass Bongs

Pyrex, or borosilicate glass, is the unchallenged heavyweight champion among bong materials; here is why.

Pros of Borosilicate Glass Bongs


Borosilicate glass is remarkably vigorous and impervious to heat. It does not crack or break when subjected to abrupt temperature changes and unintentional bumps. This makes it perfect for daily use and reduces the likelihood of accidental errors.

Chemical Resistance:

Because it is non-reactive, borosilicate glass will not let harmful chemicals into your smoke. Your health will be protected as a result, and the flavor will be more refined.

Easy Cleaning:

Is borosilicate glass bong easy to clean? Since borosilicate glass is non-permeable, stains and tar aggregation can’t enter it. Everything necessary to make your bong look pristine is a fast wipe-down with salt and rubbing liquor or alcohol.

Retention of Heat:

Hits are smoother and colder due to the borosilicate glass’s ability to hold heat. This is particularly valuable for bongs that are bigger or have many-sided percolators.


Borosilicate glass’s high transparency makes it easy to observe herb combustion and water levels and brings out the beauty of intricate patterns.

Cons of Glass Bongs


Because of its more desirable characteristics creation technique, borosilicate glass is more costly than soft glass.


Borosilicate glass is heavier than soft glass, which may make it more difficult to transport, especially for larger bongs.

Soft Glass Bongs:

Is soft glass bong cheaper than borosilicate glass? A more affordable choice to borosilicate is soft glass, at times alluded to as soft drink lime glass. Yet, there are a few serious hindrances to it:

Pros of soft Glass Bongs


Because it costs so much less, soft glass is a better option for budget-conscious smokers than borosilicate glass.


Contrasted with borosilicate glass, delicate glass is lighter, simplifying it to deal with and move.

Cons of Soft Glass Bongs

Low Durability:

Soft glass is fragile and inclined to break, chipping and breaking. Small shocks and changes in temperature can harm it. This makes it a bad choice if you have clumsy hands or use your hands a lot.

Poor Chemical Resistance:

When heated to a high temperature, soft glass can introduce harmful chemicals into your cigarette smoke, altering the flavor and harming your health.

Cleaning Can Be Troublesome:

Stains and resin buildup can occur because soft glass is porous. Cleaning it can be difficult and time-consuming.

Heat Maintenance:

Hot effects are delivered by the quick arrival of intensity from soft glass. This is especially obvious in bongs that are bigger or have mind-boggling percolators.

So, brosilicate or soft glass which is better? Albeit soft glass is more affordable and lighter than different materials, its cons about cleaning, safety, and sturdiness are far more noteworthy. The most ideal choice for a wonderful, durable smoke is borosilicate glass. It is unquestionably the best bong material because of its remarkable strength, flexibility to intensity, and simplicity of cleaning.

Keep in mind that purchasing a high-quality borosilicate bong will save you a lot of money in the long run and provide you with an endless supply of tasty, smooth hits.

Bonus tip: Take into consideration the thickness of the bong glass when selecting a borosilicate bong. For larger or more intricate designs, thicker glass offers even greater durability.

The Importance of Glass Thickness for Durability

Comparison chart of different thicknesses of glass bongs, e.g. 5mm and 7mm glass thicknesses
Comparison chart of different thicknesses of glass bongs, e.g. 5mm and 7mm glass thicknesses
Comparison chart of different thicknesses of glass bongs, e.g. 5mm and 7mm glass thicknesses
Comparison chart of different thicknesses of glass bongs, e.g. 5mm and 7mm glass thicknesses

What is a good thickness for a bong? Use thick, high-quality glass, regardless of the bong style you choose. The ordinary thickness of bong glass is somewhere in the range of 2 and 5 mm, while specific variations are thicker than that.

  • Thicker Glass (3mm+)

Thicker glass bongs are more sturdy and less portable due to their heavy weight, which makes them strong enough for cracks and tears.

  • Thinner Glass (2mm)

Thinner glass bongs are more prone to damage and scratches due to their lightweight properties, making them the least choice.

Indeed, even while thicker glass could cost more, it gives a greater life span and toughness. In the end, it is a wise investment because thicker glass is less likely to break or sustain accidental damage. A ton of smokers exhort going with glass that is something like 3 mm thick since it is a good split the difference between cost and sturdiness. Keep in mind that thicker glass will give your bong a better resistance to wear and tear.

Types of Glass Bongs and Their Durability

Displaying different shapes of glass bongs such as Beaker, Straight tube, Recycler Bongs
Different shapes of glass bongs such as Beaker, Straight tube, Recycler Bongs

Consider your bong as a stoic champion who can endure overflowing hits and off-kilter staggers. Its design is similarly as essential to its life span as its material. Having a sturdy shape and a wider base can increase your bong’s strength.

Wider Base: Think of it as a firm position. Weight is evenly distributed by a larger base, which lowers the bong’s center of gravity and makes it less likely to tip over. Imagine a pyramid; even though its slim tower sways dangerously and its wide base keeps it stable even during earthquakes, Therefore, accept the broader foundation; it gives security from accidental spills and shattered trusts.

A stable or a removable base; which one is good? The most reliable choice for clumsy hands or eager rippers is stable bases, but they are also heavier and less portable. Removable bases are lightweight and portable. However, they could not last as long and might topple over. Choose portability above stability when you’re on the go!

Bong Shapes and Their Durability

Shape Durability  Strength Weakness Best For
Beaker High Thick glass options and untippable Heavy and bulky Enthusiastic rips and clumsy smokers
Straight tube Moderate Portable, sleek, and affordable Prone to tipping and less durable than beaker Backpacks and Discreet sessions
Round base Moderate Thick base decent stability Less stable and prone to wobbling Occasional uses
Recyclers & Bubblers Variable Unique aesthetic and filtration along with portability Compromised stability due to aesthetic  Filtration needs and occasional smokers
Artistic Designs Variable Unique aesthetics Less common than classic designs Smokers seeking beauty and collectors

Percolators: Function and Style vs. Durability

Different types of filters such as Matrix perc, Percolator Trees, Honeycomb Percolators
Different types of filters such as Matrix perc, Percolator Trees, Honeycomb Percolators

What are percolators and what do they do in a bong? Percolators are the unsung heroes of the bong industry because they transform harsh smoke into flavorful, silky clouds. However, their impact goes beyond the hit; They also affect how your bong looks and, most importantly, how long it lasts.

We should explore the design, usefulness, and strength of these bubbly wonders as we look at them. But before going ahead, let’s know the difference between multiple percolators and single percolators? Although cleaning multiple percolators can be difficult, they produce the cleanest, smoothest hits. A single percolator balances easy use and smooth hits.

How Percolators Work?

Percolators change smoke into minute air pockets that dance through the water to play their magical work. This dance makes a smoother, more delicious, and perhaps better insight by sifting through unwanted particles and cooling the hit. Notwithstanding, various types of percolators have distinct filtration limits and quirks of their own.

Percolators Styles

Percolators are not only technological marvels but also works of art. They give your bong a sprinkle of visual greatness, from intricate tree designs to inspiring old-development woodlands to dazzling honeycomb designs that radiance with twirling bubbles. Some perc style are following.

Fritted Disk:

Fritted disk percs are the bong world’s unsung heroes. Imagine a small, glass-crushed disc concealed within your bong. The sharp edges are responsible for shredding smoke into tiny bubbles as it passes through, resulting in very cool and smooth impacts. Because of their effortlessness, they are versatile, yet be cautioned — cleaning those little spaces could require persistence!

Percolator Trees:

These dazzling plants, which branch out with complex arms, give ideal filtration; however, can be a clean cerebral pain. Ignoring these delicate tendrils risks clogging the bong and possibly weakening it as dirt builds up.

Honeycomb Percolators:

These robust and long-lasting honeycomb grids provide excellent filtration without the troublesome maintenance of tree percs. However, ignoring their intricate patterns may ultimately result in plugged holes and a weaker bong.

Showerhead Perc:

These showerheads spray bubbles through the water and are simple to clean. However, in comparison to intricate designs, its filtration capacity is negligible.

Note: However, remember that elegance in design can be weak. Intricate designs must be handled with extra care and gentleness to avoid damaging their delicate workmanship.

Joint Size and Compatibility

What is the bong size? Your bong’s joint size out of the blue affects how you smoke. In addition to its appearance, it has an effect on the general feel, ventilation, and bowl size of your bong. Let’s now delve into the world of bong joints and investigate the distinctions between the larger (18mm) and smaller (10-14mm) sizes:

Larger Joints (18mm):

  • Big Smoke Shows:

Strong rips and dense clouds are anticipated with an 18mm joint. More wind stream is made conceivable by the greater opening, which brings about areas of strength for a satisfying strike.

  • Smoother Sailing:

The improved airflow not only makes hits cooler and more consistent but it also results in better smoke diffusion across the water.

  • Bowl Bonanza:

Greater joints commonly convert into greater dishes, which are great for sharing meetings or giving weighty hits to prepared smokers.

  • Durability Matters:

The glass at 18mm joints is typically thicker, which may make it more resistant to impacts and falls.

Smaller Joints (10-14mm):

  • Subtle Puffs:

When smoking, joints with a diameter of 10 to 14 millimeters provide a more mellow, softer hit. ideal for solo use or for people who are new to bongs.

  • Discreet Delight & Enjoyment:

Smaller joints normally accompany more modest bongs and bowls, which makes them simpler to disguise and more convenient for clandestine smoking meetings.

  • Cost-effective:

Smaller jointed bongs are commonly more affordable, making them a magnificent decision for smokers on a tight budget.

  • Cleaning Accommodation:

For lazy stoners, the fact that smaller pieces are generally easier to clean is great news.

Key Design & Aesthetic Features for a Durable Bong

  • Ice catcher

Cools smoke for smoother hits, but if used improperly, it may melt and lose flavor. For a refreshing experience, add ice cubes to the filling.

  • Splash guard

While it keeps water from spilling into your mouth, a splash guard can fairly obstruct the wind stream. Good for avoiding soggy surprises but may require more forceful tugging.

  • Ash catcher

It keeps ashes out from entering the chamber, cleans and protects the overall neatness of the bong, and assists you in maintaining your bong with less effort and time.

  • Base shape

It has an effect on stability as well as beauty. Round bases offer unmistakable design; however, are less steady than wide bases. Choose a sturdy base for clumsy hands; Put aesthetics first when choosing an elegant piece.


By remembering these things, you’ll be well-headed to choose the ideal durable glass bong that meets your prerequisites and tastes. Keep in mind that purchasing a high-quality bong can provide years of smooth and enjoyable smoking. So pick cautiously, and enjoy your smokes.
Happy bongs!

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