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What is Beaker Bong?

If you are a self-respecting stoner, a BEAKER BONG is a must-have tool. It not only gives you a smoother and more relaxed smoking experience, but it can minimize germs, making for an all-around and heather smoking session. As the name suggests, it is called a beaker because of its flaring base, just like lab beakers.

It is generally made of borosilicate glass, and most do not feature fancy adornments. Their primary function is to filter and cool the smoke that comes from your weed. Actually, what it lacks in terms of appearance makes up for it when it comes to function.

How Does Glass Beaker Bong Work?

The main reason for using beaker bongs is to have a smooth stoning experience because of the enhanced filtration. Because there is more WATER at the bottom, the smoke that comes out gets increased filtration, cooling it down in turn and allowing you to get a big rip that does not inflame your throat.

Also, besides filtration, the pieces, particularly those supplied by a reliable GLASS BONGS SUPPLIER, ARE usually sturdier than other related items. The flared bottom technically reduces the possibility of tipping it over, making it great for clumsy and new smokers alike. Similarly, beaker bongs are easier to clean than other pieces because of their large base and long tube. So, if you are looking for something easy to maintain as well use, this style is your best bet.

Heading Type of Beaker Bongs For Sale

There are a wide array of bongs available in the market today. Each of them comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages. Glass bongs are the most popular because they offer the purest and cleanest taste. It doesn’t affect the flavor of your smoke.

Apart from glass, plastic bongs are also popular. They are durable and won’t break when dropped. Some people don’t like plastic bongs because they might affect the smoke’s taste.

Compared to plastic or glass bongs, ceramic bongs are a bit heavy. They are also a bit fragile, so it won’t be a good idea to bring them out regularly. Some beaker bongs have a bulbous round base that moves up to a slim rounded neck, and others have a cone shape.

Glass Beeaker Bongs Applications

The main advantage of using a glass beaker bong is the large base, meaning you can put it on a tabletop without falling or getting knocked easily. Also, because it has a slim neck, chances of getting water in your mouth when smoking are very slim. Some beaker bongs have ice catchers. They help reduce splashes into the mouth as well as cool and filter smoke further. Actually, even a small one can deliver big hits, so size is not an issue when it comes to beaker bongs.

That said, finding the suitable glass bong for your needs should not be a hard nut to crack because there are a wide array of sizes and styles to chose from. Also, whether you are a brand new or a veteran smoker, you can never go wrong with this tool. Its style allows for more stability than its counterparts and enhanced filtration without necessarily adding percolators. Particularly these from a reliable CHINA FACTORY

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