KR441 Double Showerhead Percs Matrix Glass Bong

The KR441 Glass bong features advanced Showerhead Percs, designed to deliver smooth, filtered hits by maximizing smoke-water contact for cooling and purification. This not only enhances the smoking experience but also adds a touch of elegance to the bong’s design, making it ideal for those seeking both functionality and style in their smoking sessions.

Product Specifications
Model Number KR441
Height Options 13 inches
Thickness Variants 5mm
Joint Size Male, 14mm
Bowl Style Female, 14mm
Glass Material High Borosilicate Glass
Perc Type showerhead percs
Colors and Craftsmanship
Item Colors Blue, Black, Green
Color Techniques Glass Tube Color
Custom Colors OEM, ODM
Color Application Areas Top Mouth, Base, Perc
Logo Color Custom According to customer demand
Perc Colors Blue, White, Black

Product Video:

Product Features:

1. Double Showerhead Perc Design: The #406 glass water pipe features a double showerhead percolator, a key component that significantly enhances the smoking experience by providing superior smoke diffusion and filtration. This results in exceptionally smooth and cool hits.

2. Optimal Size and Durability: At 12 inches in height and crafted from high-quality Jade Blue glass, this water pipe offers the perfect balance between usability and durability. Its 770-gram weight ensures stability and robustness during use.

3. Enhanced Cooling Effect: The double showerhead perc system not only filters but also cools the smoke, ensuring a gentle impact on your throat and lungs, ideal for an enjoyable and comfortable smoking session.

4. Aesthetic Appeal: The top curved design coupled with the striking Jade Blue color makes this water pipe a visually appealing piece that stands out in any collection, adding a touch of elegance and style.

5. Ease of Maintenance: The design of the #406 water pipe facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that you can keep it in top condition with minimal effort, thereby extending its lifespan and preserving its functionality and appearance.

6. Improved Filtration: The double showerhead perc’s extensive filtration system effectively removes impurities from the smoke, providing a cleaner and more flavorful inhale, which is a significant advantage for health-conscious users.

7. Stable and User-Friendly Design: The water pipe’s thick round base ensures stability, preventing tipping and spillage. Its user-friendly design includes a comfortable mouthpiece and an easy-to-lift bowl, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

8. Social Appeal: Owning such a uniquely designed and visually appealing water pipe can increase social enjoyment, as it’s likely to be a conversation starter and a focal point during social gatherings.

Product Specifications

  • Model Number: KR441
  • Height: 13 inches, providing an optimal balance between ergonomic usability and effective water filtration.
  • Thickness: 5mm, ensuring durability and robustness, allowing for a secure grip and increased longevity.
  • Joint Size: 14mm male, offering a standard size for compatibility with a variety of accessories.
  • Bowl Style: 14mm female, complementing the male joint, designed for easy handling and efficient usability.
  • Glass Material: High Borosilicate Glass, renowned for its exceptional durability, heat resistance, and clarity.
  • Perc Type: Equipped with double showerhead percs, this water pipe guarantees unparalleled smoke diffusion and filtration for a smooth, pure, and enjoyable smoking experience.

Colors and Craftsmanship:

  • Item Colors: Available in Blue, Black, and Green, providing a range of options to suit your personal style and preference.
  • Color Techniques: The Glass Tube Color technique is employed, ensuring vibrant and enduring colors that add a touch of elegance and personality to your water pipe.
  • Custom Colors: Offering OEM and ODM services, the KR441 allows for a high degree of personalization, ensuring that your water pipe meets your exact aesthetic desires.
  • Color Application Areas: Meticulously applied to the top mouth, base, and perc, the colors enhance the visual appeal while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated design.
  • Logo Color Customization: Tailor the color of the logo according to customer demand, providing a unique and personalized branding opportunity.
  • Perc Colors: Choose from Blue, White, and Black for the double showerhead percs, allowing for a coordinated or contrasting color scheme that reflects your style.

FAQ for KR411 Double Showerhead Percs Bong:

1. What is a showerhead perc?

A showerhead perc is a type of percolator found in bongs and rigs, like our KR441, designed with multiple slits to diffuse smoke into the water, cooling it and making each hit smoother.

2. How do I fill a KR441 bong with a showerhead perc?

To fill your KR441, pour water directly into the mouthpiece until the showerhead perc is submerged by about half an inch to ensure optimal diffusion.

3. Showerhead perc vs honeycomb – which is smoother?

While both percs offer excellent filtration, the showerhead perc in our KR441 is specifically designed to provide a smoother draw with less drag, compared to honeycomb percs.

4. How much water is needed for the showerhead perc in the KR441?

The ideal water level is just above the slits of the showerhead perc. Begin by filling until the perc is submerged and adjust by taking test pulls for desired resistance.

5. How do I clean the showerhead perc in my KR441?

Rinse the rig with warm water, then use a cleaning solution and shake gently to remove residue. Rinse again thoroughly with warm water.

6. How does the tree perc compare to the showerhead perc in the KR441?

The tree perc has multiple arms for diffusion, while our KR441’s showerhead perc provides a compact, yet powerful filtration with minimal drag, ideal for a dab rig’s requirements.

7. Can the KR441 be customized with an inverted showerhead perc?

Yes, the KR441 can be customized for bulk orders to include an inverted showerhead perc, offering businesses the option to cater to a variety of customer preferences.

8. What are the benefits of a double showerhead perc bong for retailers?

The double showerhead perc bong, such as our KR441, provides a premium experience, which means higher customer satisfaction and the potential for better reviews and repeat business.

9. How to instruct customers on filling a double showerhead perc bong?

Advise customers to fill from the mouthpiece until both percs are half submerged. This ensures perfect functionality without excess water causing splashback.

10. Where should businesses direct customers to fill a bong with a showerhead perc like the KR441?

Guide customers to fill through the mouthpiece, ensuring the water covers the showerhead percs’ slits for optimal performance, and advise against overfilling to prevent splashback.

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Customer Service Contact Information:

Phone: (+86) 180 9899 9613
Email: chris@hbkinglass.com
You can also inquire via the Live Chat feature on our official website.

Wholesalers, upgrade your offerings with the KR441’s superior double showerhead perc design. Inquire now to captivate your market and boost your sales!

Products Package Manufacturing and Customization of Products
Carton Size 62*49*36 cm Manufacturer HBking Glass
Package Quantity varies according to styles and size Production Capacity 300 pcs/day
Packaging Method Bubble Wrap OEM/ODM Customization Accept
MOQ 1 carton for China stock, 1 pallet for California stock
Shipping and Payment
Shipping Method By sea and by air, DHL, UPS
Warehouse Address China and California
Payment Method Bank Wire, Zelle, ACH

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