Glass Recycler Bong KR461: 8-Inch Light Blue for Smooth Hits

Elevate your offerings with the KR461 Glass Recycler Bong. Crafted from premium high borosilicate glass, this 8-inch light blue bong features an inline perc, delivering exceptionally smooth and filtered hits. A perfect addition for wholesalers looking to enhance their range with style and quality.

Product Specifications
Model Number KR461
Height Options 7 inches
Thickness Variants 5mm
Joint Size Female, 14mm
Bowl Style Male, 14mm
Glass Material High Borosilicate Glass
Perc Type inline perc
Colors and Craftsmanship
Item Colors Blue, Green, Purple, Teal, Amber
Color Techniques Glass Tube Color
Custom Colors OEM, ODM
Color Application Areas Top Mouth, Neck, Base, Perc
Logo Color Custom According to customer demand
Perc Colors Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple

Product Video:

Product Features:

Elegant Design & Custom Colors:

  • The KR461 is a vision in light blue, with a color palette that’s customizable to personal preferences. Choose from serene blues to vibrant greens, purples, teals, or ambers to match your mood or décor.
  • Color applications are thoughtfully placed at the top mouth, neck, base, and perc, creating an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive design.
  • Opt for personalization with our OEM and ODM services, ensuring your recycler bong stands out as a unique piece.

Sophisticated Filtration System:

  • Equipped with an inline perc, the water pipe promises superior smoke filtration, producing smooth and pure hits.
  • The design features a quartet of recycler tubes that channel smoke and water into a central ball chamber, effectively cooling the smoke and enhancing the overall experience.

Functional Form:

  • A gracefully bent neck not only adds to the bong’s stylish appearance but also provides practical splash-back protection.
  • The flared mouthpiece is designed for comfort, making each session a delightful experience.

Quality Craftsmanship:

  • Crafted from 5mm thick high borosilicate glass, the water pipe offers durability and a premium feel.
  • This robust construction ensures longevity and resilience, keeping your investment safe from common mishaps.

Recycler Style & Efficiency:

  • The recycler bong’s design is not just about looks; it’s engineered for efficient smoke and water circulation, bringing out the best in your concentrates.
  • Its recycler mechanism is a nod to the latest advancements in smoking technology, providing an enhanced dab rig experience.

Economic Luxury:

  • Despite its premium features, the KR461 remains an economically attractive option for those seeking a high-quality smoking experience without the high price tag.
  • It’s proof that you can have the best recycler bongs’ features without stretching your budget.

Compact & Mighty:

  • With an 8-inch stature, this recycler bong packs a powerful punch in a conveniently compact size.
  • It’s an exemplary mini recycler bong, offering the perfect balance between portability and performance.

Embrace the KR461 8-inch light blue Recycler Glass Bong as your go-to for a premium smoking journey that blends seamless function with chic form, making every session a luxurious escape.

Product Specifications for the KR461 Recycler Glass Bong:


  • Stands at a convenient 8 inches, perfect for both at-home and on-the-go use.


  • Constructed with a robust 5mm thickness, offering sturdiness and heat resistance.

Joint Size:

  • Features a standard 14mm female joint, providing seamless compatibility with a variety of male accessories.

Bowl Style:

  • Comes with a matching 14mm male bowl, ideal for the perfect packing of your chosen material.


  • Expertly crafted from high borosilicate glass, renowned for its durability and clarity.

Perc Type:

  • Equipped with an inline perc, meticulously designed for efficient and smooth filtration.


  • Available in an array of colors including Blue, Green, Purple, Teal, and Amber.
  • The glass coloration is achieved through specialized color techniques, giving each piece a unique vibrancy.


  • Offers OEM and ODM services for full customization, allowing for personalized color combinations as per customer demand.

Color Application Areas:

  • Color customization can be applied to the top mouth, neck, base, and perc for a unique and personal touch.


  • The perc is designed with precision, providing excellent diffusion and is available in colors like Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, and Purple.
  • The neck is thoughtfully designed with a bend to prevent water splash-back and enhance the user experience.


  • Lightweight construction, designed for ease of handling without compromising on quality or performance.


  • Securely packaged for safe transport, ensuring the product arrives in pristine condition.

Intended Use:

  • Designed for smoking aficionados, the KR461 is ideal for both novices and connoisseurs looking for a high-quality smoking experience.

The KR461 8-inch Recycler Glass Bong is the epitome of modern smoking equipment, providing a harmonious balance of form and function. Its elegant design, combined with advanced smoking technology, makes it a standout piece in any collection.

FAQ for KR461 Recycler Glass Bong

1. What materials is the KR461 Recycler Glass Bong made from?

The KR461 is made from high borosilicate glass, which ensures durability, heat resistance, and clarity for an optimal smoking experience.

2. Can I customize the color of my KR461 Recycler Bong?

Absolutely! We offer OEM and ODM services that allow you to customize the colors of the top mouth, neck, base, and perc to match your personal style or brand identity.

3. What is the size of the joint on the KR461 glass recycler bong?

The KR461 features a 14mm female joint, making it compatible with any 14mm male bowl or accessory you prefer to use.

4. How do I clean my KR461 Recycler Bong to ensure it remains in top condition?

Cleaning is easy! Rinse with warm water, then use isopropyl alcohol mixed with salt to scrub away any residue. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning and let it dry before use.

5. What makes the inline perc special in the KR461 model?

The inline perc in the KR461 is specifically designed for excellent diffusion, filtering smoke through multiple slits to cool it down and provide a smoother hit.

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Customer Service Contact Information:

Phone: (+86) 180 9899 9613
Email: chris@hbkinglass.com
You can also inquire via the Live Chat feature on our official website.

Discover the KR461 Recycler Glass Bong for your clientele. Premium quality, customizable design. Inquire for wholesale details and elevate your collection today. Act now!


Products Package Manufacturing and Customization of Products
Carton Size 62*49*36 cm Manufacturer HBking Glass
Package Quantity varies according to styles and size Production Capacity 300 pcs/day
Packaging Method Bubble Wrap OEM/ODM Customization Accept
MOQ 1 carton for China stock, 1 pallet for California stock
Shipping and Payment
Shipping Method By sea and by air, DHL, UPS
Warehouse Address China and California
Payment Method Bank Wire, Zelle, ACH

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