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Basic Info:


1.DIigital touch sensor dab thermometer
2. accurate temp reading
3. led screen to show real time temp and battery level
4.F/C exchange
5.attached both dab tool and wax cutter 6.rechargeable battery 7.temperature reading range room tem -1472F

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Product Description:

DAB TEMPMETER T14: Precision Meets Performance

Step into the future of dabbing with the DAB TEMPMETER T14. Meticulously designed, this device embodies the perfect amalgamation of advanced technology and superior performance, offering a dabbing experience par excellence.

Key Features:

  • Digital Touch Sensor: Navigate your device quickly and precisely using the touch-sensitive digital thermometer.
  • Accurate Temperature Readings: Rely on precise temperature measurements every time, ensuring optimal dabbing conditions.
  • Dynamic LED Screen: Stay informed in real-time with an LED screen that displays the current temperature and monitors battery life.
  • Temperature Flexibility: Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius seamlessly with the F/C exchange feature.
  • Multi-Functional Tool: Enhance your dabbing experience with an integrated dab tool and wax cutter, allowing for versatile usage.
  • Power on the Go: Never be caught off guard with a low battery. With a rechargeable battery feature, the T14 ensures extended use without frequent recharging.
  • Broad Temperature Range: Catering to diverse dabbing preferences, this device reads room temperature to a whopping 1472F.

The DAB TEMPMETER T14 isn’t just a tool; it’s an experience. A device that truly understands the nuances of dabbing, ensuring precision, flexibility, and performance. Whether using it as a dab tool for bangers or bongs, this vaporizer guarantees an unmatched experience. Stay ahead in your dabbing journey with T14.

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