Before establishing a business relationship with a Chinese supplier, understanding how to pay is a crucial step. The payment method not only involves the security of your funds but also affects the smooth progress of the transaction. In this article, we will explore the various payment methods available when working with the Chinese supplier Hbkinglass.

Q: How to pay for HbKing products?

A: We support the following payment methods:

  1. T/T Telegraphic transfer payment: This is a traditional international payment method, usually through a bank. You will need to know the supplier’s bank account information and then transfer the money to their account. Wire transfers are generally a secure method, but be aware of the fees and time it takes to send money.
  2. Western Union: This is a fast payment method, especially suitable for small transactions. It does not involve a bank but goes through a Western Union agent. Please note that there may be a certain handling fee.
  3. US bank account: We accept payments from US bank accounts, including Bank of America (BOA), Zelle, etc. This method is convenient and fast, especially suitable for American customers.

Q: Can I pay part of the amount first?

A: When purchasing US inventory, you are required to pay the full amount before shipping. If you buy Chinese inventory, you can pay 30% of the total amount after confirming the goods order, we will arrange the shipment, and the remaining 70% can be paid after the goods arrive at the US warehouse. This flexible payment method can be arranged according to actual conditions.

Q: Does it support cash on delivery?

A: Sorry, we do not support cash on delivery. Generally, we require payment of the full amount of the order before shipping. This helps ensure your order is processed and shipped quickly.

Hopefully, this article helps you better understand payment issues when working with Hbkinglass. If you have any further questions or require further advice, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!


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